Meet our founder, Lexy Spett


Lexy can understand your child’s story, because it was her story.

As a teenager, Lexy was connected to therapy that turned her life around. After experiencing the immense benefits that come with the right help, she knew that she wanted to support others in the same way. Later in life, when she discovered that she could be the connecting point between families and treatment options, her life came full circle.

She has been an Educational and Therapeutic Consultant since 2003, providing crisis intervention and treatment planning for thousands of families experiencing a variety of issues. From helping children with psychological and behavioral problems to substance abuse issues and more, she is passionate about affecting change in young people and connecting families.

Lexy is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (CA 37465). Her clinical background allows her to deliver a thorough, quick assessment of a family’s needs and to educate them on treatment or academic options, both locally and nationwide. Lexy compassionately guides families to the right level of care by assisting them in strategic decision making and supporting them throughout the student’s treatment.

She has traveled extensively both nationally and internationally to remain current and knowledgeable about specialty schools and programs. Working collaboratively with her clients’ treatment teams to develop appropriate interventions and aftercare options is key to her success as a Therapeutic Consultant.

Lexy’s sub-specialties are in the areas of: Young Adult issues, Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Self- Harm, Personality Disorders, Complex Mental Health issues and contentiously divorced families.

Lexy has a Bachelor’s Degree from Bennington College in Vermont and earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, California.

Lexy operates out of her California office and serves families across the United States as well as internationally. Contact her to learn more about her services.

“Lexy helped my family when we were in crisis mode. I cannot imagine how we would have gotten through this time without her loving guidance and firm support. She is so incredibly knowledgeable in this field and often times she was the voice of reason when we were in despair. My son started off in a wilderness program and then transitioned to a therapeutic boarding school. I can honestly say that I have hope today that the seeds that were planted are starting to grow.”

A Past Client