For Referring Professionals

We know there are many roles that can make up a family’s support structure. Whether a child is a student at your school, a therapy client, or patient, we understand you have played an important role in their life.

If you believe a family needs additional support, we’d love to come alongside you to identify next steps.


There is no substitute for therapy.

As therapeutic consultants, we’re here to help you support your clients and layer on additional options in their journey toward greater mental health.

Communication is key.

Your involvement and relationship with your client is important. We’ll keep you looped in on the process at whatever level you want.

It takes a village.

Many types of expertise are necessary to help children and families change and grow. Our goal is for our teams to work in partnership.


If you know a family you think would benefit from therapeutic consulting, here’s the best way to refer them.

Call or email us.

If you have the time to send a quick note, a heads up is helpful as it allows us to be more prepared.

Give parents our contact information.

We’ll set up a call to learn more about the family’s needs.

Determine if you want to ask the family to sign a release.

Having your perspective allows us to serve the family better and identify treatment options more quickly.

We’ll continue to stay in contact.

A consistent line of communication is vital, and you can stay as involved as you would like throughout this process.