Our Process

Our Philosophy

We believe that parents and families have the power to affect change in a child’s life. Our goal is to equip families with everything they need to grow toward health and harmony.

Our Priorities

1) Understanding you.

As a parent, you know your child the best. We listen to you to understand who your child is and the struggles they are facing.

2) Understanding your options.

Before recommending the best treatment options for your child, we thoroughly vet treatment centers and therapists to ensure the highest quality of care. While we’re closely connected to these centers, we are not partners, which means we don’t get paid any referral fees.

Our Vetting Process Includes:

Visit Treatment Programs

Interviews with management, staff, and current residents

Reviews from other professionals

Feedback from parents and children

Our Promise


We will never take referral fees from any treatment program.


We will never recommend centers that we haven’t vetted.


We will continuously audit treatment options even after they’re initially vetted.


We will always recommend personalized plans that we believe are in the best interest of your child.


We will make every effort to meet with your child in person.


We will support and guide you throughout your child’s placement.